Ever Find it Hard to Get Out of Bed in the Morning? Here’s Why: A Guide to Mental Health

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4 min readMar 30, 2022


When someone is fully awake but cannot find a reason to get out of bed, this phenomenon has many reasons. Best-case scenario, that person is sick. Worst-case scenario, they are suffering from self-esteem issues.

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Self-esteem issues aren’t simple problems that can be treated with medication. They are more deeply rooted and require special attention. If left untreated, self-esteem issues can slowly devolve into depression, so immediate action should be taken as soon as symptoms appear. What Actions to Take at What Intensities of Self-Esteem Issues

Level 1: Self-deprecation

It’s easy to deal with self-deprecating people, as most of their mindset is derived from a past filled with others comparing them to someone else and calling out their inferior qualities. People like this should go out for a walk and clear their minds, which is beneficial for mental and physical health. This way, they stay clear of toxic environments and take some time off to be alone with their thoughts and feelings.

Level 2: Overblown, sincere modesty

When someone is being overly modest while seeming sincere, it is usually because they genuinely believe that they are inferior to others. In cases like these, it would be harder for them to recover. Still, with no exposure to toxic environments and extensive therapy with supportive friends and family, it is possible to prevent this from worsening.

Level 3: Lack of interest in things they were previously passionate about

While it is indeed possible that this could be a simple change of interests, it is most likely the result of devolving depression. If someone were to have these symptoms, it would be best to keep a diary or journal. This way, projecting their stream of consciousness and reviewing it helps them realize when they are being irrational. It also helps to have a personal trainer who keeps morale up or sustains motivation.

Level 4: Being unfazed by death and suffering




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